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Ilex (Holly)

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  1. Ilex pedunculosa Female (Longstalk Holly)

    Ilex pedunculosa Female (Longstalk Holly)

    Starting at: $25.00

    A very classy, elegant evergreen holly with glossy, non-spiny leaves. The name comes from the fact the fruits are produced on 1 to 1.5 inch stalks (pedicels). Site in a location protected from winter winds. Learn More
  2. Ilex pedunculosa Male (Longstalk Holly)

    Ilex pedunculosa Male (Longstalk Holly)

    Starting at: $25.00

    We were happy to locate a source of male I.pedunculosa plants, as this is the consort needed to pollinate females for fruit production. Males have the same medium green spineless leaves and upright, somewhat sprawling habit that's improved by pinching back the new growth. Plant within 50' of milady for best results. Learn More
  3. Ilex verticillata 'Chrysocarpa' (Female Winterberry)

    Ilex verticillata 'Chrysocarpa' (Female Winterberry)

    Starting at: $25.00

    Considered the best yellow fruited Winterberry by many growers. Foliage drops earlier in the fall than most, so the fruits are visible earlier in the season. Learn More
  4. Ilex verticillata 'Goldfinch'

    Ilex verticillata 'Goldfinch'

    Starting at: $25.00

    A compact winterberry, producing true gold (not orange) fruit. A spectacular contrast with red fruited varieties. This easy to grow native provides winter food for many bird species. Great for wet sites but grows in average soil too. Sun or shade. Salt tolerant as well. Pollinate with 'Jim Dandy'. Learn More
  5. ks

    Ilex verticillata 'Roberta Case' | 2 gal. pot


    Absolutely beautiful, it has the biggest and brightest yellow fruit of all the Winterberry hollies. Best when pollinated with 'Jim Dandy'. Learn More
  6. Ilex verticillata 'Southern Gentleman'  (Male Winterberry Holly)

    Ilex verticillata 'Southern Gentleman' (Male Winterberry Holly)

    Starting at: $25.00

    This courtly Casanova squires the late-blooming ladies, including 'Shaver', Berry Nice®, 'Winter Red' and 'Winter Gold'. Tall and handsome, he grows to be approximately 10-15 feet high and wide. Learn More
  7. ks

    Ilex verticillata 'Sunsplash' (Winterberry Holly)

    Starting at: $40.00

    Green and yellow variegated foliage emerges just weeks before white female flowers appear in mid spring. Flowers reveal bright orange-red berries that mature in the fall and persist through winter. Learn More
  8. Ilex x 'Apollo' (Male Hybrid Winterberry)

    Ilex x 'Apollo' (Male Hybrid Winterberry)

    Starting at: $35.00

    The all-purpose studmuffin of choice for many female winterberries, as his season of bloom overlaps the I.verticillata and I.serrata cultivars. Limited quantity available. For best pollination plant the male within 50-100' away from the female plant. Prefers moist soil and tolerates shade or full sun. Learn More
  9. Ilex x aquipernyi Dragon Lady® 'Meschick' (Female Hybrid Holly)

    Ilex x aquipernyi Dragon Lady 'Meschick' (Female Hybrid Holly)

    Starting at: $18.60

    This female Holly has an upright, symmetrical, very narrow pyramidal form that makes it useful in any size landscape. Spiny, dark-green leaves are attractive year round and provide a great backdrop for the fruits that mature to a scarlet-red in the fall and last well into winter. Learn More

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