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Cornus (Dogwood)

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  1. Cornus stolonifera Arctic Fire™ | 3 gal. pot (Oversized)

    Cornus stolonifera Arctic Fire™ | 3 gal. pot (Oversized)


    A compact selection of the Red Twig Dogwood has dark red stems that are spectacular in the winter sunlight. Learn More
  2. Cornus sericea 'Bud's Yellow' (Redosier Dogwood)

    Cornus sericea 'Bud's Yellow' (Redosier Dogwood)

    Starting at: $17.05

    Expect a display of color from this disease resistant yellowtwig dogwood. Clusters of fragrant little white flowers appear in spring, followed by whitish-colored fruits that are a good source of food for birds. The red shades of foliage fade to purple in the fall, while bright yellow twigs create a showy winter display. Learn More
  3. Cornus kousa x 'KNI44-2' Rosy Teacups® PP26,211 | 1 gal. pot (Oversized)

    Cornus kousa x 'KNI44-2' Rosy Teacups® PP26,211 | 1 gal. pot (Oversized)


    NEW! Pink rose colored flowers during late spring into early summer. This hardy dogwood was bred by Rutgers to be more disease resistant and drought tolerant. Beautiful red fall foliage. Learn More
  4. Cornus kousa Scarlet Fire™ 'Rutpink' PPAF

    Cornus kousa Scarlet Fire 'Rutpink' (Kousa Dogwood)

    Starting at: $50.00

    Scarlet Fire dogwood has amazing, glowing deep, rich pink bracts here in NJ even when the temperatures are in the 90's unlike all other pink kousa's to date. Learn More
  5. Cornus kousa 'Summer Gold' (Chinese Dogwood)

    Cornus kousa 'Summer Gold' (Chinese Dogwood)

    Starting at: $45.00

    The variegation of ‘Summer Gold’ is considered better than any other kousa selection for the foliage is not only resistant to leaf roll, but will display gorgeous brushes of coral-red undertones. Lovely creamy white bracts cover the tree in spring. Learn More
  6. ks

    Cornus kousa 'Elizabeth Lustgarten' | 3 gal. pot (Oversized)


    Its weeping branches offer a unique appearance with very classic white flowers in the spring and glossy red fruit and foliage in fall. Learn More
  7. Cornus kousa 'Blue Ray' | 2 gal. pot (Oversized)

    Cornus kousa 'Blue Ray' | 2 gal. pot (Oversized)


    NEW! This Kousa dogwood has blue-green foliage that gets creamy white flowers in late spring. Learn More
  8. Cornus florida 'Appalachian Spring' (Flowering Dogwood)

    Cornus florida 'Appalachian Spring' (Flowering Dogwood)

    Starting at: $50.00

    An instant classic! In Forest Service tests screening for resistance to dogwood anthracnose, a destructive disease of C.florida,'Appalachian Spring' was the only survivor! Four seasons of interest: prolific white flowers, large green leaves that turn bright red in autumn and abundant bright red fruit. Learn More
  9. Cornus controversa 'Janine' | 3 gal. pot

    Cornus controversa 'Janine' | 3 gal. pot


    Beautiful horizontally tiered branches display striking foliage. The green leaves have a broad clean yellow margin which changes to yellow-green as the season advances. Learn More

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