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  1. Buxus sempervirens 'Longwood' (Boxwood)

    Buxus sempervirens 'Longwood' (Boxwood)

    Starting at: $25.00

    The beautiful dark green foliage continues to darken throughout winter without the browning common to many boxwoods in colder climates, and contrasts exceptionally well with its red overwintering buds. Has proven extremely tolerant of drought. Learn More
  2. Magnolia 'Honey Liz'

    Magnolia 'Honey Liz'

    Starting at: $75.00

    This variety first bloomed at five years of age in 2000. Vigorous, open growing tree with large bullate, dark green leaves; flowers floppy, deep persistent yellow, with 6-7 tepals, soon hanging over the fully expanded leaves. Learn More
  3. ks

    Rhododendron 'Blue Success'

    Starting at: $30.00

    Small-leaved shrub that produces bluish-violet flowers. Learn More
  4. Tofieldia racemosa (Coastal False Asphodel)

    Tofieldia racemosa (Coastal False Asphodel)

    Starting at: $15.00

    Rare native bog perennial has iris-like leaves to 10" and sticky flowering stems to 18". White, six-petaled star-like flowers in upright clusters in June. Grows in wet peaty sands in the NJ Pine Barrens in full sun. Companion for Pitcher Plants. Learn More

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