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Native Plants

RareFind Nursery is a retail and mail order nursery that offers a wide variety of native trees, shrubs & perennials including many rare and unusual species. With so many native plants to choose from we want RareFind Nursery to be your go-to native plant nursery. 

For the purposes of our catalog and this website we define native plants as straight species and their cultivars that are native to the continental United States. A plant may be native to one region but not another so we encourage you to do further research as to what plants are native to your particular region. Your local native plant society is a great place to start.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Send us an email. In many cases we can get them for you quickly. Check this page regularly for new additions.

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  1. Amelanchier canadensis (Serviceberry)

    Amelanchier canadensis (Serviceberry)

    Starting at: $25.00

    A large deciduous shrub that features showy white flowers that are slightly fragrant, appearing before the leaves emerge in early spring. The drooping clusters of flowers give way to small green berries which mature to blueberry like berries in early summer. The green foliage transitions to showy orange foliage for autumn color. Learn More
  2. ks

    Baptisia Solar Flare Prairieblues™ 'Solar Flare' PPAF (False Indigo)

    Starting at: $16.50

    Tall spikes of pea flowers start out brilliant yellow and fade to deep orange as they age, beautifully compimenting the emerging yellow blooms above. Learn More
  3. Calycanthus floridus var purpureus 'Burgundy Spice' (Sweetshrub)

    Calycanthus floridus var purpureus 'Burgundy Spice' (Sweetshrub)

    Starting at: $41.85

    The first of its kind! From our friends at Pleasant Run in Allentown, NJ comes this beautiful native sweetshrub that has burgundy foliage from the time it leafs out until it drops them in the fall. A beautiful burgundy flower in late spring gives off a fruity fragrance in the latter part of the day. Learn More
  4. ks

    Calycanthus floridus var. purpureus | 1 gal. pot


    Gorgeous green leaves that are purple on the underside of the leaf make this plant stand out. Burgundy flower during late spring into early summer. Learn More
  5. Cercis canadensis 'Hearts of Gold' (Eastern Redbud)

    Cercis canadensis 'Hearts of Gold' (Eastern Redbud)

    Starting at: $60.00

    Brighten the grayest spring day with tiny lavender-purple flowers blooming before the foliage emerges. In summer, the chartreuse-gold foliage is burn-resistant even in full sun. A vigorous US native, tolerant of difficult soil and climatic conditions. PP17,740 Learn More
  6. Cercis canadensis 'Pauline Lily' (Eastern Redbud)

    Cercis canadensis 'Pauline Lily' (Eastern Redbud)

    Starting at: $60.00

    This deciduous tree is well know for its stunning pea-like flowers which bloom beautiful shades of pink and purple on its bare branches in early spring. Learn More
  7. Cercis canadensis PP17161 'Ace of Hearts' (Eastern Redbud)

    Cercis canadensis PP17161 'Ace of Hearts' (Eastern Redbud)

    Starting at: $55.00

    'Ace of Hearts' has very small leaves and will probably mature at about 15 feet. A true genetic dwarf. Typical pinky-purple flower color. Learn More
  8. Clethra alnifolia 'Wild Thing' (Summersweet)

    Clethra alnifolia 'Wild Thing' (Summersweet)

    Starting at: $25.00

    Our exclusive intro! It'll make your heart sing! We've admired this clethra growing wild here for several years and finally took cuttings. The original plant is only 3' tall (growing in sand in mostly sun) with small dark green leaves and white fragrant flowers. Likes shade or sun, wet or dry soil. A very agreeable plant. Learn More
  9. ks

    Coreopsis 'Curry Up' | 1 gal. pot


    NEW! Part of Walters Gardens new SIZZLE & SPICEĀ® Coreopsis, 'Curry Up' is a gorgeous golden yellow with a dark red eye. It blooms early to late summer. Learn More
  10. Croton alabamensis (Alabama Croton)

    Croton alabamensis (Alabama Croton)

    Starting at: $25.00

    Rich apple-green leaves with silvery undersides turn fiery orange in the fall. Yellow-green flowers are produced on 1" to 1.5" racemes in late winter to early spring. Best in semi-shade and moist, well-drained soil high in organic matter. Learn More
  11. Echinacea purpurea 'Mellow Yellows' | 1 gal. pot

    Echinacea purpurea 'Mellow Yellows' | 1 gal. pot


    A beautiful and long-lasting coneflower that ranges from light yellow to a deep golden yellow with bright orange centers. Learn More
  12. KS

    Echinacea purpurea 'Ruby Star' (Coneflower)

    Starting at: $7.39

    Native to North America with large colorful blooms! Summer flowers are a gorgeous purple to ruby color with a bronze orange cone in the center of it. Bloom time is in the summer and fall. Once established they are tolerant to heat and drought. Butterflies flock to the blooms while the songbirds relish the seed. Learn More
  13. Helianthus salicifolius 'Low Down' | 1 gal. pot

    Helianthus salicifolius 'Low Down' | 1 gal. pot


    This cultivar is a smaller version of Helianthus 'First Light'. It has shorter stems, shorter leaves and smaller flowers. The yellow flowers appear in the fall. PP#13,197 Learn More
  14. Hydrangea arborenscens 'Kolpinbel' Pinkerella PPAF | 3 gal. pot (Oversized)

    Hydrangea arborenscens 'Kolpinbel' Pinkerella PPAF | 3 gal. pot (Oversized)


    NEW! Bright pink blooms stand tall on strong stems. Blooms on new wood. Native. Learn More
  15. Ilex verticillata 'Autumn Glow' | 1 gal. pot

    Ilex verticillata 'Autumn Glow' | 1 gal. pot


    Beautiful red fruit on this large winterberry. 'Apollo' makes a great pollinator. Attracts bees, birds and mammals. Learn More
  16. Ilex verticillata 'Chrysocarpa' (Female Winterberry)

    Ilex verticillata 'Chrysocarpa' (Female Winterberry)

    Starting at: $25.00

    Considered the best yellow fruited Winterberry by many growers. Foliage drops earlier in the fall than most, so the fruits are visible earlier in the season. Learn More

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