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Our Guarantee

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with your plant(s) or we will cheerfully send a replacement or issue store credit if your claim falls within our guarantee period. You have 14 days from the time you receive your plant(s) to notify us of any problem (pictures are required).   If you notice any issues with the plant(s) on arrival or within the 14 days, you must take a picture(s) and email it to support@rarefindnursery.com.  Without any pictures, we will be unable to process any claims and no store credit/replacement will be given. 

If we cannot replace the specific plant and size, we will issue you store credit to be used toward other plants.

You have 14 days from the time you receive your plant(s) to notify us of any problem. At that time we will make a determination of what steps should be followed to correct the situation. If additional time is required, it will not void the guarantee. Pictures of the specific situation are required  to allow us to determine what has happened to the plant.

We know there are exceptions, such as shipping and receiving dormant plant(s) – and these will be handled appropriately. (If a plant does not emerge from dormancy, we will obviously replace it or issue store credit.)  There are exceptions to replacing dormant plants as well.  All of our plants are sold and meant to be planted in the ground, should you decide that the plant is to be containerized or planted in unfavorful conditions this voids our warranty.

We also know there is occasional damage in shipping, even though we take great care and pride in our packaging. Again, we will immediately address any issues that are a result of shipping damage – again, please provide us pictures of the box before you open it and of any damge the occured to the plant(s).

Please be patient with us, we are a very small staff doing multiple tasks all season long, it may take us a week or two to get back to you via phone so we always recommend emailing us as we check email in the evenings and weekends to help expedite the process.


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