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About Our Plants


RareFind Nursery strives to offer its customers good value for the money they spend. That means good-sized, healthy plants with large root systems. Most of our plants are grown right here at the nursery, but we obtain some plants from other specialty nurseries as well. Many of the plants we offer are not available anywhere else, so we must propagate them ourselves. Generally it takes from 2-3 years (or at least 2 growing seasons) to produce a plant from a cutting. We ask for your patience in obtaining more of plants that are out of stock.

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Most of the plants we ship (with the exception of perennials) are grown in a 1, 2 or 3 gallon pot. 

Our plants are usually larger than those of our competitors, but at a similar or equal price. (Many plants from competitors are actually 3-4 inch or quart-sized containers.) We feel larger plants have significant advantages:

  • they ship better than those in smaller containers
  • their larger root systems transplant and establish themselves easier
  • they tolerate adverse garden conditions better than plants with smaller root systems

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All our shrubs and trees are shipped with an established root ball and evidence of viability. A few perennials may be shipped bare root, but they are the exception rather than the rule.

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Catalog prices are based upon the expected size of the plants available for spring shipment. Most plants are in stock when the catalog is written. All plants are subject to prior sale. We will reserve plants for spring shipment on a "first come, first serve" basis, and quantities may be limited, so we recommend ordering early.  All prices are subject to change after June 1, 2019.  We reserve the right to change prices if the need arises; ie: restocking the same plant from another vendor may lower or increase a plant price.  .

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We take great pride in our packing, and appreciate the many positive notes we receive about the great condition in which our plants arrive.

We ship large plants (up to 4-5' trees) in reinforced boxes. All 3-4' or taller plants and all 3 gallon containers or larger are now oversized.  There is an extra charge of $15.00 for larger plants, denoted by an asterisk in the plant size or the notation of "add extra shipping". If you wish to avoid this charge, please let us know and IF POSSIBLE we may be able to (carefully) cut back the plant.

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These are plants which even we feel are too large to ship by our usual methods (FEDEX) and so must be picked up at the nursery. A few plants may be designated "New Jersey Sales Only" because they are listed as Federally Endangered Plants and we are not allowed to ship them outside of New Jersey under Federal law. They are grown (usually from seed) here at the nursery and not collected in the wild.


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We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with your plant(s) or we will cheerfully send a replacement or store credit. You have 14 days from the time you receive your plant(s) to notify us of any problem (picture documentation is required).  If we cannot replace the specific plant and size, we will issue you store credit.

Our plants are only available when they are properly rooted.

You have 14 days from the time you receive your plant(s) to notify us of any problem. Pictures are required when filing a claim.  At that time we will make a determination of what steps should be followed to correct the situation. If additional time is required, it will not void the guarantee as long as your initial contact was made within the 14 days.

If you do not provide a picture, we cannot process your claim and no replacement or store credit will be given.

We know there are exceptions, such as shipping and receiving dormant plant(s) – and these will be handled appropriately.   Again, pictures are required.  (If a plant does not emerge from dormancy, we will obviously replace it or store credit will be issued.)

We also know there is occasional damage in shipping, even though we take great care and pride in our packaging. Again, we will immediately address any issues that are a result of shipping damage and send pictures.

All pictures need to be emailed to support@rarefindnursery.com.

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In addition to our 1 and 3 gallon rhododendrons, we have some larger sizes (either balled-and burlapped or in larger containers) available either here at the nursery or from some of our suppliers.

We also have a selection of other plants in larger sizes, including Japanese maples, magnolias, redbuds and dogwoods. Most of these larger plants are not listed in this catalog as they are too large to ship. If you need a special plant for that special spot, please call the nursery at 732-833-0613 or email us at support@rarefindnursery.com so we can assist you in finding the plants you need.

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Our website address:   www.rarefindnursery.com 

Our email address: support@rarefindnursery.com

Our phone number: 732-833-0613

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